Mondressy Story

Hello, I am Lilian. The founder and owner of Mondressy website.

I have been married for twelve years, from a girl to be a mother. I still clearly remember the day when I put on the wedding dress and my bridesmaids were very happy. So I can clearly feel how important wedding dresses and dresses are to people who are about to participate in such an event.

I have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for the tenth year,  experienced the intimidation of being a newcomer, but also the joy of successfully designing a popular style.

I also know that there are so many detailed classifications of wedding dresses, such as classification by wedding dress neckline: tube top style, suspender style, one-shoulder style, V-neck style, slanted shoulder style, stand-up collar style, square collar style, round neckline Styles, etc.; Classified by wedding skirts: tutu skirts, fishtail styles, A-line skirts, straight skirts, short wedding dresses, trailing wedding dresses, etc.

Through this online brand store, you will gradually learn more about my story, my understanding of wedding dress design, and my understanding of marriage. Clothes can make you beautiful, and most of the time in life is full of difficulties and setbacks. And I can only hope that on that day, you will enjoy 24 hours of magic as you wear an incomparable wedding dress.

Mondressy is a new website for wedding dresses and prom dresses. At least it's not even a brand now. I’m not a new person for this industry. Mondressy means nothing specially, but it also means the most important moment for women. 

Let us look forward to that dreamy you!

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